Ottawa Township High School Joins Reform Effort

Ottawa Township High School board members made a unanimous decision. The school is now supporting the reform effort Vision 20/20. With the opening statement on the Illinois Vision 20/20 website, “Education is an investment in our children’s future, our state’s future, and our nation’s future,” it comes as no surprise that 200 Illinois school districts have signed on.

The program will take state legislative goals by the reigns for the next six years. Vision 20/20 aims to reform education at every level: the state board of education, teacher certification reciprocity with surrounding states, and promoting 21st century technology. “It is our responsibility as educations to reflect upon the current state of education in Illinois and take action to create an education system that meets the needs of all students,” the website says.

The stakes are high with over two million school children in Illinois. The program uses discussion with field experts and reviews of current literature to determine the best practices. Research is a major player in the program. With the hopeful implementation of the program, only time will tell how effective it really is.

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