Special-Edition Colorado Shows Off Chevrolet GearOn Accessories

If a fully spec-ed out Chevrolet Colorado still isn’t enough for you, you don’t have to stop there. Chevrolet GearOn accessories ensure that customers can fully customize their trucks to their heart’s content and make them perfectly suited to their lifestyle.

A great example of that is the 2015 Colorado GearOn Special Edition, which was introduced by the automaker at the Chicago Auto Show. This special edition truck combines the built-in capability of the mid-size pickup truck with the versatility of the accessory system.

It comes with the GearOn bars package, divider package, and cargo tie-down rings, in addition to several other popular features like off-road assist steps and front fog lamps. The special-edition truck will go on sale at Bill Walsh Chevrolet this spring, but again, choice is key here. If you want more accessories on top of the ones the GearOn Special Edition has equipped—you can. And if you just want different ones, that’s an option too. All you need to get started is a Colorado.

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