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Special-Edition Colorado Shows Off Chevrolet GearOn Accessories

If a fully spec-ed out Chevrolet Colorado still isn’t enough for you, you don’t have to stop there. Chevrolet GearOn accessories ensure that customers can fully customize their trucks to their heart’s content and make them perfectly suited to their lifestyle.

A great example of that is the 2015 Colorado GearOn Special Edition, which was introduced by the automaker at the Chicago Auto Show. This special edition truck combines the built-in capability of the mid-size pickup truck with the versatility of the accessory system.

It comes with the GearOn bars package, divider package, and cargo tie-down rings, in addition to several other popular features like off-road assist steps and front fog lamps. The special-edition truck will go on sale at Bill Walsh Chevrolet this spring, but again, choice is key here. If you want more accessories on top of the ones the GearOn Special Edition has equipped—you can. And if you just want different ones, that’s an option too. All you need to get started is a Colorado.

It’s Happening! Chevy Bolt Production to Begin Next Year

According to a report by Reuters, two supplier sources have come forward, making public GM’s plans to begin producing the all-electric Chevy Bolt concept car it unveiled at the North American International Auto Show last month.

The auto giant plans to begin building the electric car for production in October of 2016 at an “under-used small car plant just north of Detroit.” The Bolt is Chevy’s all-new, extended-range electric vehicle, designed to compete with the Tesla Model 3 (planned for 2017). At just $30,000, the affordable Bolt is sure to attract drivers ready to go electric.

According to the source, GM’s production target is currently 25,000 to 30,000 units per year. Though not aggressive, that’s more than the Chevy Volt (Chevy’s plug-in electric hybrid) sold last year. To make clear the difference in the two vehicles, the Volt is priced at about $35,000 and uses a gas engine to increase driving range. The Bolt would not only be more affordable, but would not use gas at all.

Here at Bill Walsh Chevrolet, we can’t wait for Chevy Bolt production to get underway—though, if we had any say, we’d suggest Chevy seriously consider changing the production version’s name. Call us crazy, but we’re pretty sure two similar cars with the names “Volt” and “Bolt” will only cause confusion. What do you think Chevy should call the production Bolt? Submit your vote in the comments!

Ottawa Township High School Joins Reform Effort

Ottawa Township High School board members made a unanimous decision. The school is now supporting the reform effort Vision 20/20. With the opening statement on the Illinois Vision 20/20 website, “Education is an investment in our children’s future, our state’s future, and our nation’s future,” it comes as no surprise that 200 Illinois school districts have signed on.

The program will take state legislative goals by the reigns for the next six years. Vision 20/20 aims to reform education at every level: the state board of education, teacher certification reciprocity with surrounding states, and promoting 21st century technology. “It is our responsibility as educations to reflect upon the current state of education in Illinois and take action to create an education system that meets the needs of all students,” the website says.

The stakes are high with over two million school children in Illinois. The program uses discussion with field experts and reviews of current literature to determine the best practices. Research is a major player in the program. With the hopeful implementation of the program, only time will tell how effective it really is.

New Silverado Midnight Edition Ready for Chicago Show Debut

The Chicago Auto Show is coming up in less than two weeks—and Chevrolet has given us as a sneak peek of what to expect from its display. The Silverado Midnight Edition, a new, totally blacked-out version of the Silverado Z71, first appeared at the NADA Convention & Expo in San Francisco. The truck features all kinds of special blacked-out design elements, from an all-new front end to special black Bowtie logos and more.

“The Midnight special edition, like our recently announced Custom Sport Silverado, lets our dealers offer a custom look right from the factory,” said Sandor Piszar, Silverado marketing director. “Customers can get a monochrome exterior, black alloy wheels and other uplevel touches, while maintaining all of the dependability Chevy trucks are famous for along with full factory warranty coverage.”

The vehicle also has special Z71 badges on the doors, special taillights, tires, and more. It’s the second vehicle to feature the Black bowtie logos, following the Silverado Rally Edition. To learn more about all the things that make the Midnight Edition special—or just for more information on the Silverado in general—come visit us at Bill Walsh Chevrolet today.