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Check Out This Amphibious Chevy Pick-Up Truck

amphibious Chevy pick-up

We don’t think you can snorkel with the Chevy Corphibian, though…

We’ve always admired Chevrolet for its creativity in engineering across its models, but there’s one vehicle that has to take the wacky cake.

Last month, an amphibious Chevy pick-up truck came to light at the Mecum Auction in Kissimmee, Florida. Officially titled the “Chevrolet Corphibian,” this 1961 truck based on the Chevy Corvair Rampside, was one of the first mainstream amphibious vehicles to go on sale. It included a fiberglass hull, hydraulic pump-powered propellers, and throttle and rudder controls in the cabin and on the bed. In case you were wondering if this was meant for storming beaches or for being an ultimate leisure vehicle, the Corphibian also came with stylish deck chairs.

The amphibious Chevy pick-up will officially go up for auction in Florida this January. The current owner has been using it more like a piece of artwork (which it is) than a car or boat (which it also is), but claims it drives – and sails – great, with only 157 miles on the odometer.

If you miss the Mecum Auction, have no fear. With Chevy’s imaginative engineers, we’re probably not too far off from the Corphibian II (which sounds like a great made for SyFy channel C-movie, by the way).