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Best Time of Year to Buy a New Car

when should i buy a car

All those pennies are adding up!

Saving money on a car is easy, especially with all the discounts and specials dealerships run throughout the year. Despite what you see on TV, there are even better times to buy. Doing your research can result in thousands in savings. We here at Bill Walsh GM Superstore know the best time of year to buy a new car and we’re happy to share!

In order to get the best deal, its best to shop when others aren’t. That means during cold weather, specifically winter, when few people are out on the lot. As there are fewer potential customers, dealerships have to work harder in order to sell cars. They do so by offering specials and discounts.

Shopping toward the end of the calendar year doesn’t hurt but whether or not you get a good deal depends on the dealership. Instead, focus on the end of the model year.

When dealerships have the newest model coming in, they need to make space on the lot. As a result, they may be willing to make a deal on the “old” model.

Holiday shopping can be a good time to buy but many others are as well and that can limit inventory. Spring is the worst time to buy. As the weather gets warmer, more people flock to car lots with a tax refund burning a hole in their pocket!