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Check Out This Amphibious Chevy Pick-Up Truck

amphibious Chevy pick-up

We don’t think you can snorkel with the Chevy Corphibian, though…

We’ve always admired Chevrolet for its creativity in engineering across its models, but there’s one vehicle that has to take the wacky cake.

Last month, an amphibious Chevy pick-up truck came to light at the Mecum Auction in Kissimmee, Florida. Officially titled the “Chevrolet Corphibian,” this 1961 truck based on the Chevy Corvair Rampside, was one of the first mainstream amphibious vehicles to go on sale. It included a fiberglass hull, hydraulic pump-powered propellers, and throttle and rudder controls in the cabin and on the bed. In case you were wondering if this was meant for storming beaches or for being an ultimate leisure vehicle, the Corphibian also came with stylish deck chairs.

The amphibious Chevy pick-up will officially go up for auction in Florida this January. The current owner has been using it more like a piece of artwork (which it is) than a car or boat (which it also is), but claims it drives – and sails – great, with only 157 miles on the odometer.

If you miss the Mecum Auction, have no fear. With Chevy’s imaginative engineers, we’re probably not too far off from the Corphibian II (which sounds like a great made for SyFy channel C-movie, by the way).

How to Get the Best Fuel Economy in the Cold

fuel economy in the cold

Winter is by far the harshest season for your vehicle, whatever your vehicle is, and in more ways the one. But, one of those sneaky, damaging ways that might surprise is your gas mileage. You fuel economy in the cold can suffer, but there are a few foolproof steps you can take to protect your tank and your wallet this winter.

  • Park your car somewhere warm, like your personal garage or in an indoor rather than outdoor parking garage when you’re out and about. This will up the starting temperature of your engine when you turn your car on.
  • The cold can mess with your tire pressure, so keep an eye on your PSI and adjust as needed. Improper tire pressure can drastically affect your fuel economy.
  • You may have been told at some point in your life to let your car heat up before driving away. While this is a good tip, you probably don’t need to let it idle as long as you think to get your engine good and hot. Turn it on and let it idle for just 30 seconds to a minute, then drive gently. Idling can cost you anywhere from 2-5 cents per minute in fuel.
  • Don’t leave your seat warmers or front/rear defrosters running longer than needed, as these are big drains on your fuel.
  • Our final tip for increasing your fuel economy in the cold is to use cold weather weight motor oil. This varies by vehicle, so check your owner’s manual for details.

Reasons to Choose Either a Hatchback or a Sedan

Hatchback or a Sedan

When it comes to choosing a subcompact vehicle, drivers usually have two body styles to choose from: hatchback or sedan. However, how do they determine which body style is right for them? Here are a few reasons to choose either a hatchback or a sedan.

Reasons to Choose a Sedan

If you want to save a little more money with your purchase, you might want to look into a sedan, as they often have less expensive asking prices. You may also want to select a sedan if you’re not a big fan of the larger rear ends featured on hatchbacks.

Reasons to Choose a Hatchback

If you have a lot of cargo to carry around with you, the hatchback is the ideal choice. There is a lot more trunk space inside of a hatchback. Also, if you want to fill up your bank account with more money when it comes time to sell your car, hatchbacks generally have a lot higher resale values.

Whether you decide to choose a sedan or a hatchback, you will find a wide variety of both at Bill Walsh GM Superstore!

New Buick Models Being Added to Brand’s Lineup in Coming Years

Buick Models

Buick is quickly becoming General Motors’ most impressive brand. Thanks to a clever marketing campaign and a strong visual redesign, Buick models have found their way into many new homes across the United States. Is the automaker ready to claim victory and casually coast through on its newfound popularity? Hardly!

Despite a staggering 1.2 million sales in 2014, Buick’s lineup only contains five models. Thus, there are plenty of gaps in the segment to be filled—starting with a sporty, three-door hatchback. Where will GM be getting the inspiration for this youth-oriented model? From Opel, of course!

After the successful introduction of the 2016 Cascada, which was also inspired by an Opel model, Buick is planning on rebadging the Opel Adam as a model it can sell stateside. However, it won’t arrive until the next generation of the hatch is released, around 2018.

Other new Buick models will include its own version of the Envision crossover from China, as well as redesigns for many of its current models. What types of models would you like to see Buick introduce? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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