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Signature Chicago Dishes To Enjoy This Spring

Chicago Dishes

Chicago is a city with a taste all its own. There are several dishes that you can find in other cities, but you won’t find them made the Chicago way! If you happen to be in the Windy City, then be sure to take a bite out of these signature Chicago dishes.

  1. Chicago-Style Pizza

If you want a thin and flimsy pizza you can fold, then head to New York City. However, if you want a deep dish pizza that you can really dig into, then you have come to the right city.

  1. Chicago-Style Hot Dogs

There is no better way to celebrate a great game or a nice day out on the town than with a Chicago-style dog. Just don’t forget to house it all in that steamed poppy seed bun!

  1. Italian Beef Sandwich

With Chicago-style sandwiches, the wetter it is the better it is! When you order your next roast beef sandwich, have it dunked in savory juices in order to make it even more delicious.