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SUV vs Sedan: Which to Buy

SUV vs sedan

Which is Right For You?

There are quite a few reasons why buyers should choose an SUV or crossover over a sedan and just as many reasons why a sedan would be a better choice. Both options have clear purposes and it just depends on what your needs really are.

In the crossover/SUV segment, buyers will find an abundance of cargo space. This is beneficial if you have a large family or frequently carry large amounts of stuff. Crossovers and SUVs also give drivers a great view of the road ahead with their high seating position.

Another benefit in the SUV category is the availability of all-wheel or four-wheel drive. While you can get most models without it, the option is more popular here than with sedans. This leads into the next advantage with off-road abilities. While most drivers will never leave the road, if you want to, you’ll need an SUV to do it.

Sedans come with their fair share of advantages. One of these is fuel efficiency because of their smaller size, sleeker design, and numerous hybrid models that are available.

If you live your life above the 6-foot-tall range, you might find the headroom in a crossover to be a bit cramped; most sedans offer more space for tall drivers. Sedans also offer some of the best visibility on the road, especially when looking backwards. Finally, there’s no denying that some of the most attractive cars on the road are sedans. If you want sophisticated styling, choose a sedan.