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Strategies for Avoiding Road Anxiety

strategies for avoiding road anxiety

Even for the most experienced and poised driver, road anxiety can seem unavoidable sometimes. It’s as if all of the elements that stress you out arrive at once and next thing you know, you feel weak or faint and out of control. To prevent such an episode, we’ve compiled some strategies for avoiding road anxiety.

Learn To Recognize Triggers

Do too many big rig trucks make you nervous? Does rain do it? Or do you have a certain someone in your life who likes to backseat drive? Whatever your triggers are, learn to acknowledge them. This way you can start to implement relaxation and coping techniques early.

Coping Techniques

Techniques will be different for everyone. Some people will benefit from breathing exercises. Others may benefit from listening to chill music like Kind Of Blue by Miles Davis. And yet others may find that they can prevent road anxiety by simply coaching themselves. As long as they are effective, it doesn’t matter what techniques you use.

Prevention is the Best Medicine

If it’s rain or snow that bothers you, try to avoid it altogether. Ask someone else to drive or arrange your day so that you do not have to go out in it. If it’s heavy traffic, take a different route home, even if it costs you more time.